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Our key attributes which differentiates us from our competitors are:
Outstanding Astrology & Vastu services and courses
Personified services
Talented and experienced professionals
Accurate and effective servicesVaried range of services
Customized services to suit specific requirement
Flexible transactional modes for customer convenience
Prompt services rendered
For constructed Structures
Balancing your Home, Factory, Industries and Office environments, aligning celestial and earth energies using specific re-alignment tools and technology.
Correcting vaastu defects of existing vaastu as per vaastushastra and  without structural demolition.
Any on-going project, if causing delay or creating complications can be evaluated from the perspective of Vastushastra and with remedial measures, situation can be improved.

For unconstructed Structures
Selection of the most favorable site or plot for Home, Office,Factories,and Industries.
Individualized schematic building and environmental design based on clients' requirement.
Suggestions for interior design, including colors and furniture setup.
Recommendation of landscape design and plantings those are both aesthetically pleasing and energetically balanced.

Vastu is not a religion it's a science of setting the things correctly and balance the five elements that is Earth, fire, water, space, and air to have the maximum benefit out of life. If your house or work place is violating any principle of vastu, that is a Vastu dosh.

A Vastu dosh can be corrected through the changes in the rooms, through interiors of the house, by changing the placements, by using regulators or using some charged objects. Every vastu dosh has some remedy and if taken properly, the happiness and peace comes back in the life again.
We provide remedies as per vedic vaastushastra
Sanskrit word yantra means “Apparatus”. The yantra is a geometric design which helps you for concentration and meditation.

Yantras have been used since the Vedic age to remove the malefic affects of certain evil forces and to strengthen the positive powers. Yantras are able to create vibrations and other mystic effects of a mantra.

These yantras representing Gods will have specific geometrical designs and mathematical equations.

Yantras are always essential in the worship of God. By worshipping yantras everyday, one can fulfill his/her desires.s. Yantra is beneficial for you in every field of your life to attain success in your profession to acquire wealth, peace, good luck, getting rid of tensions, to win court cases, to progress in meditation and for enhancing the spirituality etc.

One who uses the yantra, it should be energized then only it will work. The process of energizing yantra is done by reciting the mantras of the presiding deity of yantra.

Use of energized yantras highly beneficial for us in many ways. For example after worshipping yantra one will get rid of poverty, enemies, anger, bad effects of planets, diseases and many more.

Special Remedies:
  We provide special remedies for haunted homes.
For instance, even after constructing house as per vaastushashtra there will be a lot of problems like: falling ill, feeling uncomfortable, feeling drowsiness, sleepless during night. In such cases we will provide remedies to get rid from the above mentioned problems.

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