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What is Geopathic Stress?
Geopathic Stress
is a disruption to the Earth's natural energy field causing harmful radiation to emanate from the Earth's surface.
Geopathic stress is a form of trauma caused by disturbed or anomalous energes with the earth‟s mantle.

The Earth is surrounded by an energy grid which contains and transmits vital forces. This grid is essential to life, and is part of the background radiation which supports life. However, this energetic grid can become traumatized and the energies which is contains and emanates can become harmful to life. Geopathic stress has been implicated in a number of undersirable effects to human health.

Extensive research shows that long-term exposure to Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) may causes cancer. Electrical High frequency cables and instruments also send out high EMFs and most people are unaware about this. Their effects are particularly harmful when you are asleep, when your body is resting and repairing. BLACK STREAMS :
Black streams can be defined as underground water streams that emits noxious radiations which can be harmful for Humanbeings,Trees,Animals. The can be conceptualized as earth meridians whose flow has become stagnant or polluted, giving rise to Negative Energy. Harmful radiation raised in a vertical plane from the underground stream to the earth’s surface and above.

Black Streams have been dowsed to be anywhere from 1 ft to 1000 ft deep and from 1ft to 250 ft wide. The two edge lines and the centre line dowse as the strongest.
Black streams can be detected by dowsing with pendulum, lecher antenna and other dowsing instruments.
Black streams have been known to change their habitual course, especially after earthquakes and droughts. These are known to be stronger at miday, mid-summer, full moon day.

There are many well documented medical effects of prolonged exposure to black streams arising mainly as a result of the position of the bed. Most notorious of these medical effects is cancer. The first well documented study of the correlation between geopathic stress and cancer was conducted in the 20‟s and 30‟s by the German dowser Baron von Pohl.

Other diseases in which Geopathic stress has been implicated include : Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, paralyzing diseases, endocrine disorders of all types, candidiasis, congenital genetic disorders, schizophrenia and mental disorders including obsessions, addictions, psycho-sexual disorders, specific depressions and anxieties. Disorders which can have a Geopathic stress component include insomnia and nightmares, sudden infant death syndrome, infertility, myalgic encephalomyelitis (post viral fatigue syndrome), migraine, asthma, eczema, arthritis*, and rheumatic disorders and many other chronically depleted immune system condition.

Ley Lines, Hartmann Grids and Curry Grid:
The original concept of ley lines came from Alfred Watkins who wrote a book called The Old Straight Track, published in 1925. Five ancient sites could be found lying along the same straight line or track, accurate to within 30 metres. Watkins surmised that this alignment was deliberate and called the lines as LEYLINES.

Later ‘Guy Underwood’ who wrote a book „The Pattern of the Past,‟ published Museum Press in United States in 1968, wrote about how he had done some dowsing work and come up with the idea that there were natural energy lines („track lines‟, „water lines‟ and „aquastats‟) which he called geodetic lines.

The Hartmann Grid:
This was also described in detailed by Dr. Hartmann in the 1960‟s. The network appears as a structure of radiations rising vertically from the ground like invisible radioactive walls. From north to south they are 25 cms wide and encountered at constant intervals of 2mtrs, while from east to west they are 15 cms wide and the distance varies according to latitude and between these geometric lines lies a neutral zone. Wherever two rays cross (a “ Hartmann Knot”) a geopathogenic point is found. This is especially so at crossings of double negatives lines which repeat at approximately 35mtrs intervals. Sleeping over these knots can cause nervous disturbances, headaches, cramps and rheumatic illnesses. Where the intersections coincide with black streams the effect is greatly increased.
The intensity of these lines increases three to four fold at night when there are less free ions (for similar reasons radio waves are received better at night). Twenty-four hours before the arrival of an atmospheric low pressure zone, a 100% increase of gamma rays is found on the knots.

The Curry Grid:
This grid, described by Wittman and Curry in the 1970‟s has much in common with the Hartmann grid, but is oriented 45 Degree from north. The south-west to north-east grid lines repeat every 2.36mtrs, and south-east to north-west lines every 2.7mtrs.
The lines are approximately 15 cms wide with medically significant double negative lines repeating every 50mtrs Crossings of these lines are considered more harmful than the equivalent Hartmann knots.

The double negative crossings are associated with sleep disturbances, depression, and other nervous reactions, inflammations and rheumatic diseases. Double positive crossings encourage enhanced cell enlargement and proliferation, even to the point of cancerous growth.
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